Learn more about Bone Dry Roofing - St Louis' recent work requests in Saint Louis, MO
Russell Blvd. in Saint Louis
I have water leaking at the flashing on a bump-out on a brick house
Emma Ave in Saint Louis
I acquired this property at a tax sale and it needs a new roof. I don't know how to pay for it, So I am considering yourfinancing option.
Dantonaire Place in Saint Louis
I would like to get a bid to replace our 3" gutters with the larger ones and to install GutterGlove covers.
Wyoming St. in Saint Louis
My family needs to look into replacing our roof. Particularly, there is a leak in part of it that let water damage the 2nd floor bedroom. There are concerns about the same thing happening in other parts of the house when it rains hard.
Colonial Ave in Saint Louis
My shingles are fine I need flashers and drip edges!
Sullivan in Saint Louis
I live in a third floor house and on the second floor over the window their is a gutter. Beneath and behind the gutter needs brick mortar or wherever it need. The gutter also need to be replace. I need to how much it will cost.
Juniata in Saint Louis
20 x 20 garage needs new roof and some plywood. we are selling this house and need a estimate to proceed.
Yale Ave in Saint Louis
I am selling my home and I need a contractor to correct the installation of the chimney crown and install a wind/rain cap and surrounding screen at the south chimney.
Theobald St in Saint Louis
Looking for quote on repair of several loose shingles and two leaks around chimney/flashing.
Wydown Blvd. in Saint Louis
We need roughly 75 linear ft of new aluminum gutters and 4 downspouts. Our house currently has copper gutters and a slate roof.
Rigsby Drive in Saint Louis
Storm damage. Roof is leaking now.
Larimore Road in Saint Louis
Roof replacement estimated Shed roof replacement estimate 2 chimney caps
Hamburg in Saint Louis
Have some raised nails on roof
Wickstrom Terrace in Saint Louis
Roof leak
in Saint Louis
We would like to have tuckpointing on two outside walls, brick replacement as needed, acid wash and waterproof. Brick work is on a historic carriage house in Soulard converted to condos. If possible, need estimate on Thursday, 14 June.
E. Prairie Avenue in Saint Louis
Tuckpointing at Top roof area of home.
Salena St. in Saint Louis
I would like to get an estimate on a new roof.
Macklind Ave in Saint Louis
Roof appears to be leaking from the front of the house. I noticed water coming out of the insulation in the basement ceiling. This is not the first time I've had problems with the roof.
Macklind Ave in Saint Louis
Roof appears to be leaking from the front of the house. Water is coming out from insulation in basement ceiling. I bought the house in 2008, and it was a complete rehab. However, this is not the first time I've had problems with it leaking.
Marquette Ave. in Saint Louis
Recent hailstorm on the Saturday before last has me concerned about the state of our roof. I could use a professional assessment.
Pamplin PL in Saint Louis
Water leaking in basement need tuck pointing on brick house and cracks around house closed and sealed
Washington Blvd in Saint Louis
We have a non-working chimney that we would like to rebuild.
Tholozan Avenue in Saint Louis
Believe we need a drip edge installed on our roof. showing signs of leakage near outer edges of ceilings on second story inside.
Mitchell Ave in Saint Louis
We had one side of our house's guttes damaged by the recent storms. We are needing to repair that and possible get them cleaned while we are at it? Thanks!
Norfolk Drive in Saint Louis
I have loose brick front steps and above window well
N. Taylor in Saint Louis
Three story condo property with some previous FLAT roof damage / leaking - looking for a fix instead of constant patching. Thanks! John Fortner
North Broadway in Saint Louis
There was an accident truck hit commercial property
Monroe Ave in Saint Louis
Our gutters need to be replaced, they are old, leaking and constantly clogging. There is approximately 80 linear feet, with one chimney to build around.
Pebble Valley Dr in Saint Louis
I want someone to look at the roof after the hail storm Sunday night (5/6). There was some marble-size hail which is larger than I normally see. The roof was installed in late 2003 so it's only 15 years old. Just want an opinion on the current condition.
MEDIA CT. in Saint Louis
Older home with poor ventilation; not sure of insulation level/effectiveness
Clifton Ave in Saint Louis
Bought new house, roof is 15 years old - inspection report recommended new roof
Tealwood Dr. in Saint Louis
Some minor tuckpointing to do. would like a quote please.
Stephen Jones Ave in Saint Louis
I would like an estimate on a new roof
Philo Ave. in Saint Louis
I have areas throughout the front of my house and a few on one side where the faces of the brick is falling off or have fallen off. Also areas that require tuckpointing or repointing. I am looking for a free estimate for this work.
Arkansas Ave in Saint Louis
I live in an old home in Tower Grove East. The gutter that is in the decorative cornice on the front of my house (it's copper I'm pretty sure) is leaking at the north corner and in the middle (from a seam, I think.)
McPherson Ave. in Saint Louis
I need my hose tuck pointed
Picardy in Saint Louis
Need to replace a wood shake shingle roof
Madeira Dr in Saint Louis
We are ready to go for a new roof and gutters. Also need some soffit repair on about 10 feet in the back. Current gutters are way too small - rain overflows even when gutters are 100% clean. Got a quote from a company that mainly does windows and they were way too high. We like the Owens-Corning Duration shingles in Colonial Slate color.
Ashmont Dr. in Saint Louis
Water leak, brickwork breaking off of chimney
Hawkesbury Drive in Saint Louis
Requesting a complete roof replacement and gutters
Viscount Drive in Saint Louis
Monaco Dr in Saint Louis
Need inspection and possibly repairs if needed.
West Adams in Saint Louis
I need a new flat roof this year, which will have to wait until summer. In the meantime I need gutter repair right away. I know you guys don't do flat roofs, but I was hoping maybe you could bid on the gutter repair, as I trust your services.
Spellman Ave in Saint Louis
Will need gutter replaced, and some roof repair work done. Looking to get quote/estimate.
Potomac in Saint Louis
Chimney leak into house. So we covered it to find out exactly where the leak was coming from. Sinced we covered it it has not leaked.
Tulane Ave in Saint Louis
Water leaking though stack into house
Sims Ave in Saint Louis
I would like to get an estimate to replace the entire roof.
Idaho in Saint Louis
2 feet of brick replaced above porch
Humphrey St in Saint Louis
I need tuckpointing on the upper part of one wall of my house. There is evidence of moisture there.
Lucas And Hunt Rd. in Saint Louis
Memorial Park Cemetery office remove existing ancient slate roof replace with asphalt shingles
Bergerac Dr. in Saint Louis
My house is a 60's style ranch. It current appears I do not have any venting for the attic. There is an attic fan but it's not actually wired in. Without any venting, it shouldn't be too much help anyway. I would like a quote to get the attic vented properly.
Bredell Ave in Saint Louis
Addition has rubber roof needs attention
Neosho Street in Saint Louis
You have repaired my roof on a couple occasions and it was mentioned the last time that we may not have much more life left on the existing roof. I would like to get a inspection to see how much longer I may have and a cost for replacement of the main house roof and the front downspout as well as a separate estimate on the detached garage.
Eulalie Ave. in Saint Louis
During a bad thunderstorm last week, we sustained water damage to the walls in our master bathroom (near the ceiling) and believe this is due to roof leak. I would like to confirm this and get an estimate for repairs.
Stoney View Lane, Saint Louis, MO in Saint Louis
Gutter at rear of the house needs additional pinning. Appears a branch hit it causing it to bow out.
Buck Ave in Saint Louis
We had a small amount of water leak into our ceiling when it rained a week or so ago.
Nottingham Ave in Saint Louis
Need repointing and tuckpointing
Wyoming Street in Saint Louis
My 18 month-old torch down roof seems to be leaking. The roof was installed by a housing rehabber prior to my purchase of the home; the rehabber will not stand by his work. I'm hoping to have the roof inspected and to review options for repair.
Lenard Court in Saint Louis
Water coming in through chimney and damage from a previous leak around chimney. I think we need the flashing repaired.
Juniata Street in Saint Louis
I have a leak in my master bedroom ceiling that happens after heavy rains. There is visible discoloration and small cracks in the ceiling that water drips through. I can't get a close look at the roof above this part of the bedroom, but from what I can see, there might be a leak in the roof or in the gutter flashing or something. Hoping to get a diagnosis and estimate for repair. Thanks!
Melrose Ave in Saint Louis
It looks like there is a leak where my chimney intersects my roof. The wall paint is bowing out and becoming brittle in the area. There is also water in the basement near the chimney, but I'm not sure whether it's related.
S Clark in Saint Louis
Leaking roof
Stillwater Drive in Saint Louis
Want to be sure roof is secure and does not need any repair before drywall is replaced. Need roof checked specifically over garage area
Country Manor Lane in Saint Louis
We had a roof leak into the entry foyer that we had repaired several years ago. However, we now have a new wet spot appearing on the entry foyer ceiling.
Thatcher Ave in Saint Louis
Barr Street in Saint Louis
The roof is leaking on the front part of the house.
Plainview Avenue in Saint Louis
Please provide pricing to remove & replace house roof, with separate pricing for the garage as an alternate. Thank you!
Blewett Avenue in Saint Louis
Roof is leaking
GRAY AVE in Saint Louis
I need to setup an appointment to have my gutters cleaned out.
Oakwood in Saint Louis
- had a chimney inspection done before I bought my house, report says my chimney needs to be relined, crown fixed, cap fixed, and tuckpointing
Evans Ave. in Saint Louis
Grassy Valley Dr in Saint Louis
We would like our roof looked at after this last hail storm. Some of our near neighbors are getting new roofs due to the hail.
Castleman Ave in Saint Louis
Bone Dry, We recently got an insurance inspection / settlement for some exterior damage to our home which primarily covers the following areas: - Roofing work to replace shingles/flashing / install felt (or Ice/water shield) around one part of the roof, specifically near chimneys - Replacing water damaged wood / repair roofing/flashing around Dormer window - Replacement of a gutter on one side of the house - Exterior strip/repaint of porch paint - Some simple repair/repaint of water damage inside a sun room Our home is at 4020 Castleman Ave, St Louis, and is one of the remodeled historic homes. As such, the roof is pretty high up (2 stories) and at a steeper angle. Do you think this is work you and your team can do? If so, please e-mail me and I can send you the insurance inspection report. Thank you! Rob Santos
Willowbrooke Manors Court in Saint Louis
Hail damage from storm on 11/5/17. Adjuster came and recommended replacement. would like second opinon.
Plateau Ave in Saint Louis
I have a leak on an exterior wall of my house. The ceiling is starting to bubble, and there is discoloration on the paint on the wall. I would like for someone to come take a look and hopefully be able to quote just a repair.
Stoney View Lane in Saint Louis
Gutter cleaning estimate.
Paddington Drive in Saint Louis
There is visible damage to front shingles. Animals find a way to make this problem worse each night! The gutter is not running water off properly. There is one area where water just pours .
Tyrolean in Saint Louis
We have a 1.5 story bungalow. We have a double flue with an existing cap. We need to repair the wire mesh and/or replace the cap to keep the critters out. Lookin for ball park numbers or getting an estimate
Driver in Saint Louis
Front porch leaks the plywood is rotting from leaking
Conway Lake Dr in Saint Louis
A portion of the gutter on the southwest corner at the back of our house is starting to pull away from the fascia. I would like an estimate for the cost of repair of the gutter and replacement of the underlying fascia.
North Union Blvd in Saint Louis
Roof replacement
Halliday Ave in Saint Louis
We have a white roof material that is two inches short of the gutter. The gap between the roof material and the gutter causes water to fall down the side of our brick home in the back.
Salisbury in Saint Louis
Dont know, back side of house looks like it needs it
Lisette Ave in Saint Louis
We have lost some shingles recently and have some interior damage happening to the ceiling. I would be interested in getting a quote for repairs.
College Ave in Saint Louis
Some leaks in the past...don't want to risk going through winter
in Saint Louis
I need the front done 3 buildings
St. Albans Ave. in Saint Louis
I may possibly have a leak in the roof. I've had leaking in my main floor bathroom, which may either be caused by "sweaty" HVAC pipes or a roof leak. So I would like to have someone check the roof. Thanks.
Lisette Ave in Saint Louis
I'm looking to have the chimney flashing repaired/replaced.
Tealridge Drive in Saint Louis
New roof estimate
West Park in Saint Louis
Need tuckpointing, chimney repair done on mixed use brick building
Magnolia Ave in Saint Louis
Old slate tiles on roof have begin coming loose. Thinking of having them removed and replaced with something else.
Holden Avenue in Saint Louis
I would like to get an estimate on a roof replacement.
Victoria in Saint Louis
Tuckpointing on brick home/chimmney installation of back storm door caused damage to surrounding bricks.
N Market in Saint Louis
Saucier Dr in Saint Louis
Looking for brick repair and tuck pointing for a freestanding flower bed.
Hudson Drive in Saint Louis
Substantial roof damage from age and animals needs repair
Shaw Avenue in Saint Louis
Soffit repair where critters have been entering. Possible additional work depending upon recommendation of estimator.
Kraft Street in Saint Louis
During an inspection to get rid of attic pests, the inspector found a couple areas of concern on the roof and suggested that we have it looked at by a professional for repairs/replacement options.
Park Avenue in Saint Louis
I live in an attached row house in Lafayette Square. My neighbors and I are interested in getting an estimate to replace the roof in our 5-unit building. We'd also be interested in hearing your thoughts about the building's skylights. Thank you!
Chalet Hill Drive in Saint Louis
I need two chimney caps installed.
Perry in Saint Louis
That materials and labor are all included in estimate
Christy Ave. in Saint Louis
I have a leak near my chimney that has caused the plaster in my home to sag. I believe the chimney needs new flashing to resolve the issue.
Zeiss Ave in Saint Louis
Purchased house in January of 2017 and was told a new roof was going to be needed shortly on house and detached garage. I don't have the money to pay for a new roof unless insurance covers due to hail and wind which have hit recently.
Arsenal in Saint Louis
I have crumbling mortar and non existent mortar in some areas. I need tuckpointing done, and I also need chimneys properly sealed.
Louisiana in Saint Louis
Need estimate on repair/replace flat roof. Not leaking but old.
Potomac St in Saint Louis
The top of my chimney cap broke off
Big Bend Blvd. in Saint Louis
My roof has two large areas of serious leaks. Whenever it rains, water drips inside. The ceiling plaster is falling down. I should have had this taken care of long before....
Overhill Drive in Saint Louis
Water damage in 2nd story bay window. Identified as brick and stone masonry capstone issues. Water coming in at each rain and has severely damaged the plaster. Need to fix /waterproof outside area so I can fix the inside.
Grattan St in Saint Louis
We are gathering roof maintenance quotes for our school's roof.
Golf Course Dr. in Saint Louis
Having some leakage into the house from the roof and because of some gutter issues. We need to determine if one or both are in need of replacement.
Blackberry Ave in Saint Louis
Roof needs to be replaced. Leaking in several spots. I've had it patched once, which really didn't help.
Park Lane in Saint Louis
Chimney needs re-tuck-pointing and flashing sealed. I am getting water in the ceiling and wall over my fireplace and water dripping in the fireplace when it rains
Greenbough Drive in Saint Louis
Tree fell on roof and punctured a hole. Want to make sure house is waterproof.
Mason Knoll Rd. in Saint Louis
I am selling my house. My house didn't pass inspection for the buyers since it needed chimney work/tuck pointing. I would like to have a quote.
Exmoor Dr in Saint Louis
I have a back patio and entry way/walkway that are made of brick. Both need tuck pointing and repair work.
Dix Avenue in Saint Louis
There is water leaking from a hole in our ceiling. We looked all throughout the attic and on the roof and cannot find the source of the leak. Can you provide an onsite estimate?
Oleatha Ave in Saint Louis
Could someone stop by my house and inspect my chimney? I think it leaked during the recent rains. You repaired the chimney in early 2016 after the December 2015 rains and it leaked into my house. Thanks!
Iowa Ave in Saint Louis
2 leaks have developed on the 3916 side of the building
Juniata in Saint Louis
There are damaged eaves on the house which need to be repaired. There's also a little bit of water getting into the 2nd floor bedroom, which seems roof-related.
Conway Lane in Saint Louis
After the intense rains we noticed water spots on the kitchen ceiling. The kitchen is not under a bathroom or anything, but a one-story section. I think either the roof above leaks or a nearby chimney stack does.
Lodgewood Lane in Saint Louis
Recent storms proved we have a leak. Possible slight hail damage from March hail. Appears to be a flashing issue with the leak going all the way down to the basement. Would love an estimate and someone to come assess the problem and advise. It's easiest to reach me via email as I'm not typically available by phone during the day. Thank you.
in Saint Louis
I have a leak on my roof
Caroline Street in Saint Louis
Sutherland Ave in Saint Louis
I think our roof is leaking and it is old. I fear we need a new roof.
Seven Pines Dr in Saint Louis
Our gutters and gutter helmets are old and flow over constantly. Water is not distributed well. Roof may have hail damage from past storms and room trim needs to be replaced.
St. Louis Avenue in Saint Louis
Need tuck pointing
Clara in Saint Louis
Need tuckpointer on front of the house
in Saint Louis
We are a property management group several properties that need roof repair and replacement. Along with gutter & fascia work.
Primm in Saint Louis
Missing a few shingles and some fascia from wind damage.
Lalite Ave in Saint Louis
Connecticut in Saint Louis
I have a house in South City that I am rehabbing. I have two chimneys I'm going to drop. The roof is in decent shape half life at worst still laying very flat. I would just need the two holes patched with the best single match you could get
Gary Dr. in Saint Louis
We have leaking in our roof.
Blaine Ave in Saint Louis
I need the gutters cleaned on my new house. Also, there are some areas of the roof that need minor repair.
Morning Dove Ct in Saint Louis
Roof replacement bid.
Daltrey Ct in Saint Louis
Storm messed up gutters
Hawthorne Ave. in Saint Louis
I would like a quote for chimney caps/installation for chimney on the west side of house (chimney is located between kitchen & dining room / next to outdoor mailbox). I am easiest to reach by email during normal business hours. Thank you.
Baltimore in Saint Louis
New roof
Baltimore Ave in Saint Louis
New roof estimate on a Cape Cod style house and detached garage. I'd like the garage estimate separate added on to the main house. I may or may not replace the roof on the garage.
Greeley Ave in Saint Louis
Roof condition assessment (any existing damage needing repair as well as an estimate of the remaining service life) and an estimate for whole roof replacement.
GREEN PARK ROAD in Saint Louis
Need Roof Replaced, Inspector recommended the roof has 1 more year left. The roof is 48 long and 26 wide so about 1300 Square Feet.
Danfield Road in Saint Louis
We built our house 3 years ago, and chimney caps to keep out the rain were never installed on our 2 chimneys. We would like an estimate for custom fabrication and installation of the most minimalist chimney caps you have - quote for stainless steel and copper. We have a difficult pitch on our roofline that may be a challenge. Thank you!
Midland Blvd in Saint Louis
Replacing roof on house and front porch. Also replacing gutters.
Cornelia Ave in Saint Louis
Recent swelling and discoloration in ceiling appears to be from roof leak.
Tevis Ct in Saint Louis
Replace existing roof
Friese in Saint Louis
Replace gutters
Eastbrook Lane in Saint Louis
Replace roof on home also stacks/vents need repair due to squirrels eating the lead
Cimarron Drive in Saint Louis
Get the roof inspected to see if we can claim insurance on the replacement and or get few visible fixes/ repairs done.
Arsenal Street in Saint Louis
7ft section of backing board needs to be replaced. gutter is ok. Had a previous Quote by Addam. Also thinking about putting gutter guards up.
Summerhaven Drive in Saint Louis
I'm concerned about the chimney flashing. I was told by another contractor (for a different job) that I needed to have it replaced.
Kingsbury Blvd in Saint Louis
Need immediate attention to a roof leak; longer term need new roof
Litzsinger Road in Saint Louis
We have a leaky roof
MAYFAIR in Saint Louis
Replace bgutter and facial boards
Weston Place in Saint Louis
Roof needs to be torn off and replaced. Gutters need to be replaced. Flashing needs to be replaced.
Cannes Drive in Saint Louis
Need some shingles removed and a square of plywood or two replaced. Leaking into my bedroom with damaged ceiling. Someone will need to see the damage from the inside of the house to best understand what needs to be done. Thanks
Edmil in Saint Louis
I have a leak coming from the plumbing stack pipe. It is a one story home, the stack pipe is in the middle of the roof. Water is coming in through the bathroom.
Neosho Street in Saint Louis
We have experienced a leak in our roof from these last storms and would like a representative to examine our roof and determine what needs to be done to make us "bone dry" once again. Since our roof is actually leaking - we would like a response as soon as possible. We should be in your records as you have done a small maintenance job for us in the past. Thanks in advance.
Northfield Dr. in Saint Louis
Our chimney is leaking water. Also few spots in roof we are concern of. Thanks!
Aldershot Dr. in Saint Louis
Full roof & gutter replacement.
Wayne Dr in Saint Louis
Replacement of roof, roof vent/s, gutters, fascia due to storm damage.
La Jolla Dr. in Saint Louis
I got an estimate last year for some siding/soffit repair. I was wonder if that could be updated, as I'm finally ready to do it.
McCausland Ave in Saint Louis
Looking for ceramic chimney cap
Meramar Ct. in Saint Louis
We had some shingles come off and two pieces of wood come loose during the storm on July 13th. We were able to put them back into place, but would like to have the roof repaired and sealed properly. At the moment, it does not appear to be leaking.
Parker Ave in Saint Louis
I've been referred to Bone Dry St. Louis Roofing and to Ron Russelburg by Jake with J & J Siding and Window Sales. I have a garage which a damaged roof - at the very least it will need new gutters, and the roof itself may need some work as well. I'd like to have someone come out and give an estimate on repairing the roof and replacing the gutters.
Cornelia in Saint Louis
We had a leak in the living room ceiling during a rainy day the week before Fourth of July weekend. I got up in the attic, found a leak in the roof ... or at least the place where water was dripping, and placed a tub under that spot. It rained all weekend, but the leak stopped ... or at least at that place. So I need somebody to examine the roof.
Saranac Drive in Saint Louis
I am interested in getting a quote for a gutter guard system. Your company replaced the roof in 2015 under previous ownership, so I am contacting you hoping that the repeat business may result in a discount. Either way, I would like to discuss a quote for the various gutter guard systems you can install and recommend. Andrew
Eichelberger St in Saint Louis
I am hoping you can provide me with a estimate for a new roof and gutters: My home is single story, with a pitched roof. The roof dimensions are: 1470 surface area 232 total perimeter length 1903 total hip length I am looking for an estimate for: - Remove the three layers of shingles currently on the roof - Remove and discard the satellite dish which is currently on the roof, I am not using it - Remove the existing gutters, and possibly parts of the downspouts if needed - New shingles - let me know what my options are and approximate pricing - New gutters, probably aluminum, but please let me know what my options are and costs - for the side of the house which is covered by my neighbor's tree let me know if there is an option which is less likely to clog with leaves - Repair and replace the flashing around the chimney and pipe jack - If there is anything else which needs to be done, please let me know. Thank you, Cy Henningsen
S. KINGSHIGHWAY in Saint Louis
I have noticed a couple of water spots on my ceiling recently and would like to have an evaluation done on my roof for the repairs needed. Thanks!
Weatherfield Drive in Saint Louis
I need someone to check my roof because of the hail storm last Wednesday, May 11. I had a lot of marble size hail and some almost-golfball size hail. From the direction of the hail I have some trees that saved my siding except for a couple holes in my siding. Also, there seems to be wind damage. Thank you!
Arendes Dr in Saint Louis
You replaced a section of my roof in January to address a leak. I was just in the attic examining the area and there is moisture that is entering the home in the area that was replaced.
Mardel Ave. in Saint Louis
I need flashing replaced ASAP near fireplace - having interior plaster repaired in a few weeks and need to address leak quickly.
W Pine Blvd in Saint Louis
We have 3 leaks in our roof and we are interested in repairing the roof in these areas. We have a 3 story in the CWE. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Fyler Ave in Saint Louis
Looking for an estimate to replace roof and gutters/down spouts on home. And possibly replace roof on shed/garage.
N Ballas Rd in Saint Louis
We're looking for new gutters and soffeting on an outbuilding.
W Kingsbury Ave in Saint Louis
First, I am looking to get our roof inspected. During the heavy rains in December, we had a couple of leaks develop (the roof is less than 10 years old, but I believe the previous owner went with the cheapest roofer he could find and the work they did was poor). I'd also like to replace our soffits, fascia, and two small gable vents. Lastly, I'd like to have our gutters looked at as they are also leaking. Thank you!
Willow Brook Dr in Saint Louis
Roof is possibly leaking, might need a replacement
Pebble Oak Drive in Saint Louis
Roof Damage, missing shingles
S. Maple Ave. in Saint Louis
I need a roofing bid and maybe gutters. I would like to see if roof replacement is a possible insurance claim.
Goethe Ave. in Saint Louis
Evaluate roof for possible replacement plus some flashing.

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