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Know the Signs of Ice Damming. Although you may think icicles are just part of winter, they actually indicate the presence of ice dams that can damage your roof.

When winter rolls around, not many people realize that roof leaks can come in the form of forming ice dams, clogged gutters, icicles plus when the snowfall is extremely heavy.

If you've seen any of these symptoms on your home or building, a roof deicing system may be helpful. Here at Bone Dry Roofing our roof ice melt services prevent ice damming from forming which then cause leaking. If the dam builds up enough in the gutters, it can even cause your gutters to detach from your roof.

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So What are Ice Dams Anyway?

Ice dams get a lot of play in the media, but not many people are entirely sure what they more precisely.

An ice dam is created when heat from inside the home causes snow on the roof to melt. The melted water then flows down the roof but freezes again when it reaches the cold eaves and gutters.

This happens again and again all winter and eventually ice dams form. The reason for concern is that when ice dams form water gets forced under the shingles and causes all kinds of water damage on the roof and eventually gets into the home and does the same. 

Deicing a Roof Prevents Ice Damming

If ice damming is a concern for your home in the winter, we offer a great ice melt system. There are 2 types of roof de-icing systems:

  • Roof deicing cables: Deicing cables are a common solution that is easily installed on your roof. Generally seen in a wave pattern, these cables are simply secured to the roof just above the gutters. These systems can be tweaked to provide the right amount of heat for your needs, ensuring that water can easily flow down your roof and through your gutters.

  • Radiant edge systems: Radiant edge systems are installed at the end of the roof and run along the entire edge of the roof. Once installed they melt the snow at the edge of the roof and ensure that water flowing down the roof stays melted as it passes through the gutters. These systems provide a cleaner appearance than cables.

Protect Your Roof Today

With a quality roof de-icing system from Bone Dry Roofing, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your roof and gutters won't be affected by ice dams.

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