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Ice Damming

Ice dams can cause interior damage to ceilings, walls, and floors, but the right roofing services can eliminate this worry.

Formation of ice dams has gotten a lot more press over the last few years and the reason is that they can cause a lot of damage. A forming ice dam on your roof is not a welcome sight, because what ice dams do is wreck havoc on your roof and gutters.

What is an ice dam? In winter months, an ice dam forms when melted snow re-freezes at the edge of the roof. This then traps pools of melted water behind the frozen dam (hence the name). The water that gets trapped behind the ice dam usually then goes under the shingles and causes leaks in the home on the ceiling, walls, floors and anywhere else it can get into.

This is where Bone Dry Roofing can help. We a few different solutions to fix the roof damage caused by an ice dam, plus we have ways to prevent future ice damming too.

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Keep Ice and Water Out of Your Home with Prevention 

How DO ice dams form?

  • Snow sits on your rooftop for more than a few days + freezing temperatures. 
  • Warm air from the house leaks into the attic and this causes the snow to melt up high on the roof
  • Missing layer of protection under the shingles along the eaves causes the melted snow to re-freeze on the roof and gutters.

Of course you can't stop snow from getting onto your roof. But there are other ways to prevent the ice dams. Some homeowners choose to focus on reducing the amount of heat that escapes into the attic, warming the upper part of the roof deck and causing snow to melt evenly.

Typically, this kind of prevention usually involves sealing air leaks in your attic floor and a couple of other solutions. Plus, having enough attic ventilation is good because it keeps the underside of the roofing at the same temperature as the air outside. 

You also want to make sure that an experienced roofer installs any ice and water guard on your roofing eaves (where ice dams typically form). Building codes change by town and state, but many of them say the ice dam membrane needs to go at least 24 inches inside the heated wall of a house. Older houses typically don't have this kind of protection however. 

Protect Your Home from Ice Damming with Bone Dry Roofing

Any time you install a new roof it's critical to lay down ice and water protection too. Here at Bone Dry Roofing, we always ensure that your home is receiving all the products and services it needs to keep you safe and dry.

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